A man scores a hot date

Not wanting to disappoint his date in the bedroom, he goes to the doctor to get his penis enlarged. The doctor says, “we happen to have a new experimental procedure that uses muscle cells from an elephant trunk that should do the trick.” To which the man accepts. Later on, the man and his date are having dinner. The man is in love with her, but is experiencing an increasingly uncomfortable pressure in his trousers. In an attempt to relieve the pain, he slowly undoes his fly. Immediately, his penis lunges out onto the table, grabs a bread roll and vanishes back under the table. His date, unsurprisingly shocked, slowly smiles and says, “could you do that again?” The man, his eyes watering slightly, replies “probably, but I don’t think I can fit another roll in my arse.”

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Date: No problem. Here take my wine to wash it down.


I’m crying I laughed so hard and for so long. It’s a poor guy stuffing rolls up his own ass involuntarily.


Be happy it was not a French baguette.


I was telling this joke 30 years ago


Read that to my husband, we’re both laughing out loud