A new stratospheric Polar Vortex is forming over the North Pole, as the seasonal cooling begins. It will keep strengthening into December, influencing the 2021/2022 Winter season.

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Here’s the TLDR: 1. The polar vortex is forming – as it does every year 2. The tropical equatorial winds are moving east until the end of the year 3. A warming event is expected to pull even more cold air down 4. The US, central and Northern Europe will be freezing their asses off. So store up on hot cocoa. (I may have added that, read the article to figure out if I did.) ETA: for those of you who stopped reading at the paragraph where SSW collapses the vortex. This isn’t actually a good thing. Three or four paragraphs down from that statement the article continues: “A Polar Vortex collapse is just as dynamic as it sounds, as the higher pressure comes crashing down, pushing the cold air out of the polar regions, into the United States and/or Europe.”


So what you’re saying is we should expect another 1 in 100 year freeze in Texas?


Wait I think I’ve seen this movie… when do I run for the NY central library?


As we say in texas…..winter is coming prepare to die.


Ted Cruz is already packing.