After two teachers died of Covid-19 in one week, a Texas school district implements mask mandate

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Isn’t the AG for Texas now suing six schools over mask mandates?


There is a Spanish saying that goes like this : “after the kid drowns, lets cover the well” Too little too late 😪


Texas teacher here. Just wanted to chime in with how quickly the rhetoric has changed from “teachers are heroes” to “fuck them, they don’t do enough”. I have never considered quitting my job so many times in the span of a week and a half.


Why. Why the fuck did it take two teachers dying. Teachers have been dying in every state since school started. So tired of these school districts playing with peoples lives like this.


“Connally ISD, in McLennan County, shut down all of its campuses on August 31 due to an increase of Covid-19 cases and rising absences by students and staff.”