Air Force finds one-third of female airmen have been sexually harassed

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The AF 8s mellow compared to other services. People would shit the bed if they knew the numbers in other branches for sure.


Everyone seems suprised its not higher but let’s not make this into uplifting news. One-third is A LOT and this is disgraceful.


I dated a woman that was active duty AF. She said the sexual harassment was non stop. In her unit the chain of commands unofficial response to harassment complaints was learn to deal with it or ask for a transfer. They did not want any reports on the record. Very disappointing.


It’s most likely a bit more given under reporting and all that, but given my time in a military psych ward amongst fellow service members from all branches I’d say this is more than spot on. Of the ratio of us in there, all the women as far as I gathered, were there seeking treatment for sexual harassment/assault cases.


I still remember going to tour the air force academy as a potential cadet and hanging out out with some women who warned me away from going to school there unless I wanted to get consistently sexually harassed and probably raped. It was honestly a very sobering experience.