Amazon says I returned the wrong item and is threatening to charge me for it

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File a chargeback, the bank will require Amazon to prove that you didn’t return the item.


I’m experiencing the exact same issue you’re having right now with a blender. I selected the “received incorrect item” option and returned it. They are saying I returned the wrong item and won’t accept the return. No shit amazon. Their customer service has really gone downhill recently I filed a claim with synchrony bank to see what happens on my issue. Edit: for anyone else having these issues try everything you can. File a claim with BBB, CFPB, file a claim with your bank / cc company. If you bought on credit and they rule in favor of amazon AND you have NOT paid the bill you can look into “claims and defenses” claim as a last resort. Fuck amazon and fuck bezos.


That really REALLY goes against Amazon’s whole “customer focus” attitude. They fired people for less. Do call though.


$1,000 is a pretty high price item. My assumption is they sent the defective item back to the seller who then wanted to be cheap/save money and claimed it was the wrong one. Or they sent the wrong item back to the seller who is just calling it how he sees it. Assuming of course, that it wasn’t a fulfillment by amazon product. Typically, in this situation, calling them will go faster than e-mail but i’ve never had this issue with an item that costs this much. If it were me I’d let them know that you were going to notify your bank as well and would be having the bank charge back any unauthorized charges from amazon. You can also sign a form with your bank to suspend certain types of charges and specific companies from being able to charge your card/account.


Between issues like this and counterfeit items, I’ve stopped buying any type of item where I care about quality from Amazon. I’d rather pay a few bucks more and buy direct from a retail store or the manufacturer’s site.