Biden Tells Top Democrats He’s Preparing Lobbying Blitz on Filibuster Reform, Voting Rights | The president, sources say, has promised to lean on centrists to change the filibuster rules and save Democrats’ imperiled effort to pass a new voting rights bill

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Seems like he’s done fucking around.


> Biden told ABC News that he supported bringing back the so-called talking filibuster, forcing any senator who wanted to block a vote to stand and speak on the Senate floor. This is the right way.


If this is a true indication of things to come then I feel overcome with emotion. I was so excited that we’d gotten Trump out but I have been despairing over the lack of progress for the last year while republicans made big moves like in Texas. But this is so huge and I hope it’s successful, it would go a long way to finally beginning the process of making things normal again


He needs to roll on the “centrists” currently hiding in Manchin and Sinema’s skirts and get them to lobby those two.


If this all gets done I’ll be happily surprised.