Emma Raducanu, whose stunning victory at the US Open earned her $2.5 million, said her initial goal was to win enough prize money to replace her broken AirPods

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Amazing how she came in as a qualifier, didn’t drop a set and won the while thing. She’s now going to have so many big sponsors approaching her. She did the impossible, she knows she’s got the talent and now so do we. The sky is the limit.


Haha I wonder at what point she thought to herself, “what if I won the whole thing?” Had to be in a mental space where she was competitive but not really expecting anything. Then to make it to the final and still not choke at all is very impressive.


There’s a joke in here about how Apple prices things …


I’m sure by^^* just making this statement they’ll send her a pair for free edit: spelling


Well, she can definitely replace those now.