Former Australian Prime Minister fined for not wearing a mask

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Was this the freak who ate a raw onion with the skin on? That’s the extent of my knowledge on Australian politics.


He complained like a baby when he got the fine too, basically saying the person who dobbed him in should be ashamed of themself. Another senior member of the current government got a fine for not wearing a mask recently too. Barnaby Joyce is a crazy rightwing politician with an awful track history of immoral behaviour; but he took his punishment in about the best way possible: ​ >“I’ll give you a funny story,” Mr Joyce said. > >“I went into the Caltex service station. I was going to the airport, I forgot to get fuel for Vikki, filled the car up with fuel, went in, 30 seconds later, $200 it cost me because I didn’t wear one of these,” he said, brandishing a disposable mask on camera. > >“But that’s life.” > >Referencing the incident during the daily press conference with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday, Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Gary Worboys said “that person was apologetic and cooperative with police and an infringement notice was issued”.


Of course Abbott would call the guy who reported him a snitch. Absolute wad.


You mean registered “Agent of a foreign goverment” Tony abbot


Ahhhh Tony Dumb Dumb. The guy that destroyed the NBN and set decent Internet back a decade in Australia.