Hitler would be granted salvation if he accepts Jesus 0.1sec before his death according to Bible.

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Mmm yes and I so do love hearing people say it’s all part of gods plan. Being told that when I lost my mom probably what pushed me that and other stuff that happened. All I can think is what sort of sick twisted fuck would plan this for a child?


Don’t get angry when you talk to the priest, because now that you’re out as an atheist, they’re just going to see your anger as some confirmation that you’re lost, or some such bullshit way of looking down on you. You HAVE TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD if you want your opinion to have any chance at being respected. Depending on how heavily Christian your parents are, your opinion probably won’t be respected anyway. But if they are at least somewhat reasonable people, your independence from religion might be respected, but you’ll have to consistently be the better person, and “out-Christian the Christians”. (If defining Christian-like behavior the noble way they think of it.)


Do not bother arguing with the priest. You will get nowhere and it doesn’t matter what you say. If you can refuse to speak to the priest without getting in trouble, that’s an option. If you have to go, do not give the priest any particular reasons for WHY you don’t believe. To give the priest a reason is to give him ammunition to use against you. Just say vague things like, *”I dunno, the entire thing is just unbelievable! And I’m not interested in learning any more. I’ve had enough. I will get further ahead in life by learning what school teaches me, which includes that many claims of religion are impossible. MAY I GO NOW PLEASE? I have to study!”*


Trump, too, will be absolved of his many sins the same way. Heaven doesn’t seem to be all it’s cracked up to be.


religion sucks, i hope things don’t go that awful with the priest. just sheldon cooper him