‘I thought I had died’: Kazakhs say they were dragged in shackles and mistreated in Chinese detention centres

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It is worth taking a moment to understand WHY this conduct is a bad idea by China. It isn’t just that it is immoral. It is immoral but maybe you, or China’s government, doesn’t care about morality in achieving their objectives. It is also wrong because it simply does not work. If you take someone who despises you and show them that you are in fact evil they will despise you all the more and while you might scare them into inaction should they ever have a chance to hurt you in the future they will take it. They will teach their children to hate you. They will tell others to hate you. They will do everything in their power and individual courage to do you harm. When you do this to someone who didn’t hate you to begin with then you will cause them to hate you. When you do this to someone who liked you to begin with then you will cause them to hate you. Ask yourself – if you were subjected to this treatment would you be re-educated? At the very best you might learn to keep your mouth shut in public but if one day you see a police officer bleeding to death on the street instead of helping you would stand back and smile. Now, ask yourself about how America treats its own criminals. Do we think putting them in texas jails without air conditioning in the summers rehabilitates them? Do we think that criminal background checks that stop them from getting honest jobs rehabilitates them? Do we think that charging them for library books and phone calls with their families rehabilitates them? It isn’t the same. But sometimes it takes a person turning the dial up to 11 on a bad idea for us to really see that it is a bad idea even when the dial is at 1 or 2.


>World Uyghur Congress The WUC is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, which itself is funded through a congressional grant. The NED operates as an arm of the US government. Not to mention the World Uyghur Congress defends the ETIM a terrorist organization the US conveniently took of the terror watch list.


Not sure how many people on Reddit have really visited the industrial areas of China but I have. I’m not talking about tech companies in Shenzhen. I’m talking about heavy industry. Bent metal…plastics….etc. The wealth of China was really built on almost complete disregard to environmental concerns and border line slave labor.


First they came for the Uyghurs…


Kind of like a communist Field of Dreams: “Is this Hell?” “No, it’s China”