Israeli all-electric plane maker readies for 1st flight, new ‘age of aviation’

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This sounds good, really good. So what’s the catch?


Like all great technology it’s gotta start somewhere. Electric cars started literally as fucking golf carts. Useless vehicles for 95% of us. Now 15 years later they’re taking over everything. This is the start of the new age of aviation. Well perfect things small, text them small, and eventually expand into commercial. It’s the most efficient and safe way for these new techs to be released into the wild.


Cool direction, but 1000 pound capacity means about 5 people with luggage. Really curious what DHL is planning to do with these – low range, low capacity. Fun toy, but until a breakthrough in battery technology, just a toy.


Flight range limited by the length of the extension cord.


I wonder if they would be less noisy than regular airplanes. It would be so weird travelling in one of those without the loud background noise we are used to.