Just got a notification for a 0.00 charge

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If you did not authorize it, a thief was testing your card before they go on a spending spree. Lock it as soon as possible and get replaced.


Possible fraud, call your CC issuer and have them void the charge and lock the card.


Agree. Though why a scammer would use such an obviously shady name like that is a mystery to me. I guess this is why they are in this “business”?


I agree, $0.00 is used as a ‘test’ My visa was used fraudulently, when I phoned then, the guy said right away, a $0.00 charge was run n they were able to tell exactly where, then they started reading me the list of all the fraud charges. Stop that card immediately Edit addendum: Visa said a $0.00 ‘test charge’ is one of their highest indicators of fraud in the beginning before they have at it. By the time I called, they’d already racked up $900


Just want to note that not all $0.00 charges are fraud, it’s used as an authorization check for many services. Sometime they’re low value authorization charges (for example $1) but the value is never captured (the money is never withdrawn). But any unanticipated charges, even $0 charges, should be treated as fraud so follow up and lock the card!