LPT: Breakups are easier to get over if you acknowledge your feelings fully and recognise the grieving process, while also regularly reminding yourself the pain will fade and that one day you will look back and feel barely anything for that person.

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The timing of this post…


After my girlfriend cheated on me and then dumped me nearly six years ago, I was devastated. I still think about her pretty frequently. I still wish we were together. I was happy with her. For the first and only time in my life, someone made me feel like a normal human being. I’m over it now, but I’ll always be sad that things turned out the way they did. I feel like she wouldn’t have cheated on me if I’d done things differently. I haven’t been able to really be with anyone since then. Dating seems like a pointless exercise in misery and embarrassment, and people just stare right through me like I’m a mildly interesting stain on a bus window. I don’t know how I feel about her now. I don’t think I still love her. It’s just a general sadness and longing for days gone by. I just hope she found what she was looking for in the end. At least one of us deserves to be happy.


Acceptance is key. Hope is a prison.


I feel like the important part here is the acknowledging your feelings. When in the midst of a breakup you need to fully embrace what you’re feeling and not try to downplay it or lock it away. Like someone else commented, in the moment it feels like nothing will work so the whole “work on yourself” thing often times feels like superficial advice. You just have to hurt, let yourself hurt and understand why it is you hurt and it’s perfectly okay to hurt. But you still have a life to live, people that want to see you smile again and a future that’s waiting for you so just feel what you need to feel and keep moving forward. Don’t try and make it go away, don’t try and fill the void. Take the pain, take the lessons from the relationship and move forward.