Men, what are some basic hygiene habits that most men aren’t aware of but should be?

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Just because deodorant says it lasts 48 hours doesn’t mean you should take it as a personal challenge.


Probably relevant to both genders but the bellybutton, clean that bitch out


Apparently a lot of guys don’t wash their ass according to this sub. Edit: A comment about washing ass is now my top comment. Sick dude.


Take care of your teeth!!!!!!! Edit: I’m 45 years old, I started taking care of my teeth at 40 I did not give it enough importance At first I was afraid to go to the dentist, when i finally went my dentist told me that I could fix my teeth, I thought it was going to be more serious, i was lucky, my dentist removed cavities and only 2 teeth, I wore braces for 2 years and now my teeth are very nice, now I feel more confident speaking The best decision I made, never it’s too late


Keep your nails clean. it’s not feminine, it’s good hygiene