Second murder hornet nest of the year eradicated and a third nest located

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Is this really going to work? Is it viable for them to actually be able to kill off all the nests to the point where they are no longer a threat here? That seems like a very tedious job.


One last year, 3 this year. Clearly they didn’t clear all the nest last year in time. Probably means that they found three, that there are close to ten


Presumably “murder hornets” could have hitched a ride from Japan for hundreds or more years since trade routes opened up. It’s an interesting correlation that WA state has had so many mild winters in a row now. In far North Whatcom it gets bitterly cold (much more so than Japan gets) but they’ve had really mild winters for a long time. I wonder if this is *also* a product of climate change?


They’re going to lose control of this, aren’t they…


Are there any natural predators of these murder hornets?