Spanish bishop resigns to pursue relationship with “satanic-tinged erotic fiction” author

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At least he resigned. Though, his views on homosexuality are… very controversial and harming.


“Satanic-tinged” is is my new favorite compound adjective. This lasagna is satanic-tinged. The imagination explodes.


The bishop is changing his relationship from one “satanic-tinged erotic fiction” author to another.


Hopefully he is a position to do less evil now. But damn if he isn’t a messed up fuck if you read the article. Not to mention how it again exposes how bat shit crazy they are with demons, possession, and exorcism. How do we get Catholics to resign in the US? The SCOTUS ones are worse than this guy by a mile.


As long as he isn’t running from a child diddling charge somewhere, I have no issues with two people getting together to love each other in service to the Dark Lord.