Thousands of years of human advancement could be undone by just a few decades of social media.

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At first we thought it would bring us together.


I think it’s because it revealed too much. 20 years ago, no matter your persuasion, you could imagine that we shared a lot in common despite some differences. People even used to say that often in movies and on the news. This kept you from feeling threatened by every stranger on the street. What you now know is that actually there are lots of people who are *nothing* like you, and so there isn’t really a sense of community at all. Your whole way of life feels like it is under attack constantly. To make things worse, we also then seek out others who agree with us to make us feel better, but then get used to only hanging around likeminded individuals, having less time and patience for flies in the ointment. To OPs point, all of that seems really bad for creating a functioning society.


I feel like no one here has read a history book or gone out and tried putting real effort into making meaningful relationships.


20 years ago people use to go to birthday parties and get togethers easily now it’s like pulling teeth just to get immediate family to come


What exactly does social media “undo”? Need some examples