TIL Before Houdini died, he and his wife agreed that if Houdini found it possible to communicate after death, he would communicate the message “Rosabelle believe”, a secret code which they agreed to use. Rosabelle was their favorite song.

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Things like this make it pretty much impossible to believe in ghosts/after death communication. Odds are that in the past few thousand years many, many people have thought to try something like this. Setting up a secret phrase or action ahead of time to try and prove that ghosts are real. It would be the biggest discovery in all of human history. By far. Answering the question of what happens after death. Similar to detecting intelligent extraterrestrial life. But instead of convincing evidence and brilliant scientists devoting their lives to it, we have low-resolution recordings and quacks with trashy TV series.


I mean…it appears the wife was only checking via seances. Perhaps the communication came in a different form and she didn’t realize it (Murph!)


Could really fuck with people knowing this kinda thing and having a time machine.


I tell my wife all the time when I die I’m coming to haunt her.


and…. Did he?