What’s the most obscure opinion hill you’re willing to die on?

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Edward Scissor Fingers, mf’r had hands.


The Oxford comma is CORRECT.


The word “hero” is overused and has no meaning anymore. Most of the time it’s applied to people who are just doing their jobs.


This is for folks who work in IT: “I’m not good with technology.” Is not an excuse to not even try to learn to use the tools provided for you to do your job. You didn’t tell them that in the interview. Can you imagine a carpenter out here talking about “I’m just not good with hammers.”


Not to sound too ‘tin foil hat,’ but virtual assistant devices (like Alexa) are strange, and I do not trust them at all. Its like bugging your own house. It requires putting too much faith in corporations like Amazon to not elicit as much data as they want from you (yes I know they already have a lot w/o a device).