“Why won’t atheists leave us alone” says the Christian going door to door, or the Muslim who really wants his religious laws to be nation wide

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Hypocrisy is one of the strongest weapons people use for their religion it’s honestly a little frightening.


The reason Atheists are raising their voices more is because of the accelerating encroachment of religion on our Government.


Imagine atheist going door to door or writing letters to religious folks about giving up their faith? That’s not happening and if it was it’d be all over the news and murders would happen.


“Why won’t they stop calling me a bully?” says the guy stealing everyone’s lunch money


Let’s be real, if Christians controlled as much as Muslims do worldwide, they would also be throwing gays off buildings and making women wear headscarfs. The only real difference between Christians and Muslims is the book and the god, they mostly have the same ideas about gay people and women.