25 years old in New York. Should I leave my high stress high paying job for a less stressful less paying job?

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I saw a quote a while ago that is prevalent here. “You’ll never see a Uhaul following a hearse.” You’ve said a couple times that the money isn’t important. You only live once. Take the lower stress and time home with your family. You’re 25, but I’d imagine your first option will put some irreversible wear and tear on your body. Don’t take your youthfulness for granted. Option 2 all the way.


Take the lower salary job. Enjoy your life and youth


Putting in 60 hours a week for $100,000 a year means you’re actually only making $32/hour or $66,560 a year at normal 40 hour work weeks. So if anything you’re actually making more at the new position because you won’t be forced for work 60 hour weeks and will be making $80,000 a year or $38.50 an hour. Add in the additional time off, improved physical conditions, and lowered stress on your body and I think it’s clear which is the better option.


I’m bad at math so I’ll show my work in case I’m wrong but it’s only a $2/ hour difference. $80,000/ 2,080 hours a year = $38.5 $120,000/ 2,970 hours a year = $40.4 $2 an hour is probs worth your sanity


You’ve got a family and you only live once. In my books, Less money, non stressful job out of the city, equals more time with family and probably better quality of life for all of you. Seems, to me, an easy choice.