33, wish I got this advice a decade ago…

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I looked into them but they were too complicated and the deductible was like 5k. Also I didn’t want to be incentivized by by own greed not to see a doctor…


Yep, we are maxing out ours and will do so as long as we are allowed. We are not using it for medical expenses as we pay those out of pocket so the HSAs can grow.


I still have $260 on my HSA that’s been transferred to three different banks since 2017 when I left that employer. I get statements monthly that tell me to create an account. I go to create an account and am told I need my old health insurance card, from my employer, from four years ago… meanwhile I get charged a maintenance fee every month by said bank. Frustrating to say the least.


HSAs are even more tax advantaged than 401k since they are Medicare/SSA exempt.


I’d argue that HSA is way better than 401k/Roth because the money isn’t taxed when it goes in, gains aren’t taxed, and withdrawals aren’t taxed. None of the other options have all 3 tax shelters. Plus you can earn points on credit cards by paying medical expenses first out of pocket and then claiming a reimbursement from the HSA.