50 years old with nothing, please help me get started on the path to retirement

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Retirement is a financial state, not an age. Just because 65 is the traditional age people retire at doesn’t mean everyone can or should. Have you looked into government programs for low income/no income retirees?


3 things I would do in your position. 1. Get your cost of living at low as possible. 2. See what government programs you might qualify for as a low income senior. Things like subsidized housing or food costs. Or senior transportation programs. 3. Save as best you can. You have 14 years until 65 and 19 until 70 if you can work that long. You can still get a decent nest egg set aside if things go well.


Have you tried finding a janitorial job with a school? If you work for a school you will offer a salary and benefits including retirement


The other commenters have great advice and I suggest you follow it. I don’t really have much else to add but I do want to say that you can do this. It will be hard but by reaching out and taking control you are taking an essential first step. I just wanted to note this because others indicated doom & gloom, but as long as you’ve got a can-do attitude and are dedicated to putting in some hard work, you can do this. Good luck & keep your head up!


The last paragraph u/BruceRL wrote, about retiring outside Canada. I haven’t done much reading about other places because I migrated from a developing country so if I myself were to retire outside my current country, I would go back home to my home country, but just as an example, the minimum wage there is like AUD 300 a month, and people live on that. So for myself, it is one safety net if I ever find myself unable to live well in my current country. Just a thought.