A man is released from jail

After years in the slammer without sex he is aching for some so he goes to the cheapest local whorehouse/peepshow. The problem is he only has 2 bucks. The jailbird pleads whith the man at the entrance: “Please, I have been in prison for years, I only have 2 bucks, can’t you cut a man a break?” The man takes his money and tells him: “Third door on the right” Not believing his luck he opens the third door and sees… a chicken. “Well” he thinks to himself, “it’s two bucks, what did you expect?” and he just goes to town. He finds a job and the next week he decides to go back to that place. He can now afford full admission and is led into the second door on the right. He sits in a dark room with a bunch of other men when the curtain goes up and behind glass there are two women making sweet love. Everyone starts jerking and he turns to the guy next to him and says: “Is it always this good?” to which the man says: “It is! You won’t believe it but last week they had a guy fucking a chicken!”

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9 months later big bird was born


Hilarious that these guys are all just next to each other watching the show and jerking it.