A private space industry entrepreneur is launching a biotech company to bring back the woolly mammoth.

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The Discovery Channel told me in 1996 that the woolly mammoth will be in zoos around the world by 2015


Of all the challenges a biotech could tackle right now….


What about bringing back species that have recently gone extinct and still have a place in the ecosystem that would exist without human intervention?


“The result wouldn’t be an exact replica of the woolly mammoth, but a hybrid of a mammoth and an Asian elephant. Still, it would be a functional woolly mammoth with all its hallmark traits and would mark the first time that a mammoth’s distinctive genes have been found in a living animal in more than 4,000 years. “


Isn’t this how so many bad movies start? Pandemic, wildfires, flooding, locusts…. shouldn’t we just take a moment before bringing something back to life from prehistoric days?