A woman sues a man for defamation of character, charging that he called her a pig.

The man is found guilty and made to pay damages. After the trial, he asks the judge, “Does this mean that I can no longer call Ms. Harding a pig?” The judge says, “That is correct.” “And does it mean that I can’t call a pig Ms. Harding?” “No,” says the judge, “you are free to call a pig Ms. Harding. There is no crime in that.” The man looks Ms. Harding in the eye and says, “Good afternoon, Ms. Harding.”

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Reminds me of the famous line from British politics where Dennis Skinner stated in Parliament that half the Tory party were crooks. The Speaker reprimanded him and told him he couldn’t say that, so he said “OK then, half the Tory party aren’t crooks!”


Ms Harding: ‘Oink’.


That man does NOT live in a free country.


A blonde told me a joke. Why don’t men get mad cow disease. Men are pigs. I pointed out by that logic women are cows.


The man is found LIABLE. Guilty is for crimes, and the judge would then say “it’s not actionable to call a pig Ms. Harding,” since nothing about this is criminal. The man also would probably not lose, but it’s a joke, so I’ll allow it. The man could be facing criminal charges for disturbing the peace, but then the joke kind of loses its flavor because his guilt would depend more on how he said it rather than what he said, so he actually wouldn’t be guilty in the second instance anyway.