Afghan women are sharing photos of dresses to protest the Taliban’s black hijab mandate

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I love where yall’s heart is at but, make sure that metadata is scrubbed.


My experience in Muslim states ( 3) is that the most regressive advocates against progressive womens rights are actually traditional women. And, they are not always a minority. I have an Iranian friend and when she returns to Iran to visit her family she is cautious not to upset the radical Muslim matriarchs of her community. Even a hint of inappropriate dress or behaviour can get her ostracized.


Hol up, Reddit has been telling me that Muslim women choose to wear hijabs and downvotes me into oblivion when I point out their oppressive and controlling tools of misogyny.


It shows just how messed up a thought process has to be, to restrict the beauty of women in bright elegant and happy attire. Thwarting their expression of the beautiful things about life.


The worst thing man ever invented was religion.