Amy Coney Barrett says Supreme Court justices aren’t “partisan hacks”

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She said unironically from the McConnell center standing next to Mitch McConnell.


“partisan hack says supreme court justices aren’t partisan hacks.” Fixed it for you.


For some reason my confidence and trust in Barrett, who was swiftly and narrowly ushered in after RBG’s death upon the airs of partisan motives… I dunno I iust can’t figure out why so many would doubt the validity there.


Maybe, just maybe, she shouldn’t have said “You know what Mitch, this is a very partisan display, maybe we should wait till after the election like you insisted Obama do…..hahahahahaha…just kidding. I had you didn’t I. Now what should I say during the hearings?”


I mean, she can’t be that stupid. Not only is she a partisan hack, she was elected to SC based solely on her partisan hackiness. Deep down, she has to know this. Now she’s just trying to re-write history. Fucking pro-life wanker.