Britain begins world’s largest trial of blood test for 50 types of cancer

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Just got back from this. For anyone considering it, its was painless, quick and absolutely no hassle. No queuing up , just a quick form to fill in (they fill it in, you respond to the questions) an a quick video to watch ​ 100% recommend it


And live in any of: Cheshire and Merseyside, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, The North-East, The West Midlands, The East Midlands, The east of England, Kent and Medway, South-East London


Reading up on this, it’s amazing that this is now a blood test option. It started 7 years when Illumina (a San Diego based DNA sequencing company) were doing research to try to detect chromosomal abnormalities in pregnancies…… by chance a pathologist ended up discovering DNA abnormalities in 10 samples. They weren’t sure what was going on but suspected it involved cancer. When they looked into it further they found that one of the patients did in fact have a cancer diagnosis and the remaining 9 ended up having cancer as well despite having no symptoms. The tests not only show a positive cancer result but can tell doctors which location the cancer is located. So the idea being, they can detect 50 different cancers via blood screening even without any symptoms, allowing for early stage detection and treatment which should greatly improve treatment outcomes. Illumina spun the company out and created Grail Inc, but have recently required the company. They are also currently in partnership with Astra Zeneca, Amgen and Bristol Myers Squibb.


I’ve always wondered why you can’t go to the doctor and be like, “hey just wana make sure I don’t have cancer” then get a blood screening like this. Amazing to see that this is starting to become possible!


Could you imagine the brain explosion in anti vaxx people if we get a vaccine for cancer and they can’t use the excuse “what if it gives you cancer in 10 years?!” I know they’ll realistically come up with other excuses but I like to think their brains would just seize up from the internal conflict.