‘Catastrophic’ supervolcano eruption much more likely than previously thought, scientists warn

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I miss the 90’s when all the doomsday articles actually scared people. Now we’re all like, “oh yeah? Sounds about right. Bring it on already. Fuck everything.”


I recently heard some mild peace of mind from an expert who said that with current monitoring evidence of activity with super volcanos would be detected years if not decades before any risk. Even if that is the case, evacuating a whole corner of the planet over a few years would be intense.


> Oregan State University I know there are differences between British spelling and American spelling, but I didn’t know they had their own spelling for states.


All we need is a large solar storm and a supervolcano and we can go back to before civilisation


>Oregan State University, in the US, with scientists from across the world – found evidence that “eruptions can occur even if no liquid magma is found”. >If right, it means that various supervolcanoes previously thought to hold only potential future danger could still be highly hazardous right now to humankind. >“The concept of what is ‘eruptible’ needs to be re-evaluated,” Can we ban Yahoo News. It’s always bullshit. I don’t see a clear link to the “study”. And everything else is just wonderings based on if this study is correct. This is clickbait