Chasten & Pete Buttigieg just became dads. Christian conservatives are angry that the two men are raising children [I wonder if these are the same C.C’s who support Texas’ new anti-abortion laws?]

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“THAT BABY IS ALIVE IF YOU DON’T WANT IT PUT IT UP FOR ADOPTION!” *Baby is happily adopted by people you have an irrational hatred of* “No not like that.”


Of course they are. Why the fuck should they not be pissed off about stupid shit that they have no control over.


Christian conservatives love their hate, they relish in, it gives them goosebumps to think how superior they are to everyone else.


Every time I meet someone anti-abortion, I ask them how many children they have adopted. *One* person *one* time said *one* child and admitted it wasn’t developmentally disabled, a perfectly healthy child. None of them give a shit about children in any way. They just want to control women.


“No abortions, you can always give your child up for adoption” *Kids get adopted by LGBT couple* “NO NOT LIKE THAT”