Conservatives of Reddit, What are your views on federal marijuana legalization?

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I live in a conservative state and I think everyone I know just wants it to be legal already. Just put a tax on it so I don’t have to worry about getting arrested every time I pick up. But I doubt we will actually see federal legalization anytime soon.


Conservative and a Criminal Defense attorney. I want marijuana legalized. I’ve never had a client beat his wife because he was high on pot. Never had a client crash his car while high on pot. Alcohol is 1,000 times worse. One of the big problems is that police unions do not want to legalize marijuana because the odor of marijuana (at least in NC) is valid probable cause to search vehicles and persons. Law Enforcement officers use the odor of marijuana as a pretext to search and find evidence of greater crimes. Law enforcement is very reluctant to give up such an easy shortcut around the 4th amendment.


Legalize it. Tax it. Build schools and bridges, fund addiction treatment for genuinely dangerous drugs.


I’m all for legal weed, I chose not to partake though not my thing


Legalize it. I’m all for ending the war on drugs and increasing the sentencing for violent crimes, specifically armed robbery.