Data shows Covid booster shots are ‘not appropriate’ at this time, U.S. and international scientists conclude

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In 2 months they’re gonna be like “damn… should’ve boosted everyone at 6 months.”


I think there’s a huge variety here. Someone that’s immunocompromised and got their shots back in January is likely in a very different position than a healthy person who got them in May.


Weird. Plenty of policy, local and abroad, indicated that they are appropriate. At least for the elderly and immuno-compromised. However these policies have been relatively quiet compared to the ‘Everyone please get vaccinated!’ policies.


Inconsistent information has to lead to overall noncompliance with vaccination and masking recommendations.


This sounds like the whole “don’t wear masks” decision at the start of the pandemic. It was obvious that masks wouldn’t have much bad effects and could only help. But they didn’t want everyone hoarding masks so medical workers or essential workers couldn’t get their hands on them. Once we had an adequate supply of masks, then it was definitely “wear a damn mask”. Same applies here. Don’t get boosters until the rest of the world gets their primary vaccines, and that way we’ll all (mostly) have herd immunity. Then we can have boosters.