Escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses: Inside the Dangerous World of a Brutal Religion (2021) – Australian Broadcasting Corporation [00:46:47]

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I was friends with a kid in second grade who’s parents were JW. On holidays they just had him sit in the hallway all by himself. I’ll never forget seeing him there in tears completely defeated because his parents would disown him for having his own thoughts. He just wanted to be a kid. I hope he found a way in life


I was raised in this cult and it definitely stunted me physically and spiritually, I lived in a constant state of fear, depression, anxiety. I was able to fade from the cult when I turned 18 and went to community college and got some distance from my parents, and stopped attending meetings, but wasn’t able to face the guilt and be OK with myself until well into my 40’s.


A couple of my close friends in high school were JW’s. They were super athletic. Would kill us all at every sport. Could never play for the school cause “Jehovah comes first”. They could have definitely gone far in any sport they chose. Lost contact with them for awhile until I got a text from one asking how I’ve been. Talked for a bit. Then got hit with a bible verse. Then another one the next day, then another. Had to block him. It’s terrible how religions make people do the wildest shit. They all live a pretty low income life cause they can’t keep jobs that’ll overlap their worship.




I think the pandemic has impacted their ability to recruit new members. I got a letter a couple of weeks back from someone I’ve never met. It was hand written and contained some of their (JW) religious tracts. Then a few days later another letter came from the same person. I felt bad for the person that spent all this time writing these. Of course, I tossed them.