Facebook has a secret system granting 5.8 million high-profile users immunity from its rules, a new report says

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5.8 *million*? Either the bar for “high profile” isn’t very high or I’ve greatly underestimated the number of popular people/pages. >Most Facebook employees have the power to add users to the XCheck system for whitelisting status, a term used to describe high-profile accounts that don’t have to follow the rules. But the Journal viewed a 2019 audit that found Facebook doesn’t always keep a record of who it whitelists and why Low bar. Got it.


I can’t think of any aspect of any society where an elite high status group weren’t exempt from the rules.




facebook is cancer


I’m guessing it is all of the racists who threaten violence on Facebook that I report and am told “nothing about this post breaks our community guidelines” as a final report update….