Ford Stops Making Cars In India, The Third U.S. Vehicle Maker To Exit

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I had a brand new Ford Ecosport that was made in India. Good god that thing was a piece of shit.


Yeah Ford just didn’t adapt quite to the market and kept recycling old Chinese model cars instead of actual Ford stuff. This is a case where it is the company’s fault for not adapting well.enough for the local market.


Lol. As an Indian I can tell you the real reason they are leaving is that Suzuki and Hyundai kicking Ford’s ass in India. Actually just Suzuki. They own half the market.


So much for India being the next China. They’re being outcompeted on manufacturing by far smaller southeast Asian nations.


Ford makes just one good vehicle – the F150 truck. Everything else they touch is shit or they turn it to shit. Don’t believe me – look no further than the time when they owned Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. Heck the X-type Jag priced at $29,990 was just a Ford Taurus with leather seats.