God never loses, ever.

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Didn’t God create Satan, his own worst enemy? Not exactly full of foresight, is he?


Fictional characters rarely lose, when your existence is just a myth it is simple to escape anything.


I’m pretty sure after thr great flood He said “ah fuck. I’ve went too far this time and I’m quitting drinking”


He’s been on an endless losing streak ever since ‘Iron Chariots’ were invented.


First point. Where does it say in the Bible that the Earth is 6k old? Shouldn’t she have to show you her work? What makes the Bible “experts” she listens to smarter than the Bible experts on YouTube or those from the church of Satan. Does she realize that Big Evangelism is making money from these small churches? Doesn’t she know that those churches are poisoning the air? After 2-3 years they will die from that poison which is untraceable since it was made by God.