High school Bible history teacher charged with rape

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– Victim: Coworker, rather than student. – Public High School in Tennessee. – Crime took place in victim’s home. – She reported it to the police. – Police took her seriously, set up a sting, he’s on tape (and in text) admitting it. – Aggravated kidnapping was also charged because: – False Imprisonment (39-13-302): knowingly [..] confines another unlawfully so as to interfere substantially with the other’s liberty. – Aggravated (39-13-304): To facilitate the commission of any felony (i.e. rape). PS – I just wanted to explain the “kidnapping” charge because in Tennessee False Imprisonment is covered by the same criminal code, and the press reported it as the former instead the latter (which could cause an irrelevant debate surrounding the definition of a “kidnapping”).


Why the fuck is Bible history being taught in public schools?


Stories like this that end with the attacker going “Why the fuck did I just do that? I just ruined my life.” Scare the fucking shit out of me


>is charged with aggravated kidnapping and rape. He’s also now suspended from his job. That second part really should go without saying but… damn fuck this world that yeah, yeah it needed stated


Bro, did you even read the bible? After you rape someone you are supposed to pay money to their father and force them into marriage to protect the family’s honor.