House wrapped in aluminum foil survives Caldor fire

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> this material isn’t the aluminum foil you would find at the grocery store. Instead, it is an industrial-grade product that has an aluminum exterior with a nylon and polyester-woven interior. The layers are bonded with an adhesive designed to sustain extremely high temperatures.


It kept the house moist and succulent, with a hint of lemon and thyme.


*PICTURED: Three structures wrapped in foil which may or may not relate to the story.*


The second photo in that shows someone wrapping what is the equivalent to a large backyard shed or a free-standing single car garage in industrial grade fire resistant foil is probably the structure that survived. Btw, the story doesn’t confirm any of the “before” fire photos in this “article” is the structure. In fact this whole article reads more like an advertisement for the product since companies and price are mentioned then a feel good “Oh look! Somebody’s house survived!” story. Sorry if this seems a bit negative but I was just expecting a bit more on the house that actually survived.


I believe this was written by the people that make this magic foil. I don’t see any evidence of fire being anywhere near that house….the trees are green, the neighbours house is fine. I think they’re trying to foil us!!