Is it okay if the only fruit I eat are apples and bananas?

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Any fruit is better than none.


I want to eat… eat… eat… Edit: Holy cow! This is the most upvotes I’ve ever had!! Thank you all! I owe this post to my 2 year old!! He’s getting a little trampoline now! 🤗


When trying to eat healthy variety is key. However, that isn’t always feasible. Apples and bananas have all sorts of good vitamins and minerals and are great choices in terms of fruits. If you have a chance to eat others occasionally, do it! But the fact that you’re eating some is great. Eat different veggies and you’re good.


I know a guy that eats zero fruit so yeah you’re ok lol


Something is better than nothing. I only eat bananas, oranges and kiwis. It’s too hard to incorporate every fruit into my diet