LPT: A sign of burnout/overwork/overwhelm can be overdependence on stimulants to keep you awake/alert, and/or “downers” to just be able to feel relaxed or fight off insomnia. When you stop feeling these things are helping, they are just keeping you feeling “normal,” and you’d be a mess without them.

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I use cannabis everyday and honestly you hit the nail right on with your post. It is just something to make things normal, but for me that’s an amazing feeling. The burnt out at work bit is something we all feel and that’s where an attitude check can help lighten the load. I hate to be that guy, but a good attitude helps so much in that case


Now I’m waiting for the tip because you perfectly described my last few months


True, after leaving a very toxic work place, one observation I made was I was no longer drinking as often or as much as I was previously. Thank goodness I left. Hopefully my mental health will improve as well too!


Or a sign of, just, working..