LPT: Always prioritize health and family over anything else

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That includes building a “family,” my birth family is the main source of pain in my life but I have invested in other close relationships and it’s crucial


Yes I agree… in theory. To keep your family happy and give them a great life you need to be able to provide for them. No matter how hard you try and spin it to downplay the importance of money the truth is you need money in this world to be happy. Especially if that money is used to put food in your belly.


When I was a manager at a fairly toxic company (kind of place that would call during dinner and expect you to drop everything for the company) I taught my people to have three priorities in life: 1) You 2) Your family 3) Everything else Rationale: You cannot provide for your family if you get sick from stress, and you probably work for your family to have a good/better life. I was not popular with the executives, and it baffled them why my team was so loyal to me. Weird.


What if your family is toxic and abusive