LPT: When you’re interviewing for a job, assume that EVERYONE has a say in NOT hiring you. (Story time in the body of the post, if you’re interested.)

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>He saw a woman working in “the front” and apparently assumed I was a secretary/executive assistant and, thus, not worthy of much consideration. can’t stress that part enough. *always* try and make the receptionists’ day better. they talk to *everybody*, it’s their job. and a lot of upper management and what not solicit their opinions on office staff/procedures/what not…because they see/hear pretty much everything. it’s their job. 👍


At one point I was in a position to help with some hiring at a school. We purposefully asked the front office secretaries (two extremely pleasant women) to try to strike up a conversation with the candidates just to see how they would react. If they were rude or dismissive to the secretaries then they were an automatic no for us. If you can’t treat those whom you view as “lower” than you, then you aren’t going to be a good team member. Edit: I should mention this wasn’t our idea. We got it from “The Ideal Team Player” by Patrick Lencioni.


This is very true. I’m old and have seen it over and over. Also once you’re an employee, treat others with respect always. I’ve seen the people in the very bottom jobs rise to the top and been in control of everything. Meanwhile those who mistreated them were then seen for what they really are. I’m one of those scenarios. I started out as the lowest paid person making $6.34 per hour. I was treated horribly by a couple jerks. But I ignored them and in a few years became their boss. I treated everyone fairly and did not retaliate. They both panicked and left their jobs. Then as a supervisor I always made a stand for treating people with respect and dignity. Even when my peers did not. A couple other supervisors liked to kiss up to the director while they destroyed the careers of subordinates for little more than amusement. When I told the director what they were doing, they turned on me and made outrageous claims. They claimed I was an alcoholic (I don’t even drink). They claimed I had a violent temper (I’m completely the opposite). They even spread a rumor I was going to shoot the place up. They told the director these things and he called me to his office and we had a long conversation. He told me he was told I have a violent temper. I said have you ever seen my angry? He smiled and said no I haven’t. I said that’s because I don’t get angry. I added, go ask my employees how I treat them and whether I get angry, or have seen me drink at lunch are threaten to harm anyone. This conversation help the two of us bond. He did talk to my employees and he said he was impressed by what they said about me. About two years later he left for another job and he left behind a recommendation that I be promoted to director. I was promoted to director and the two schemers immediately quit. The place was SO much better without them.


Be a nice person is the tip