Made a big pot of these mushrooms and beans and now I have lunches for the week! Just a few dried herbs and a few ingredients make a really comforting bowl of soup! 425 calories and 19g protein per serving!

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Looks delicious!!


Thanks for the inspiration, I have a huge amount of mushrooms sitting in my fridge and I was wondering what to make out of them!


Gonna have to try this one; it looks and sounds delicious!


Just a heads up, crimini, cremini, baby bellos, portabello, baby ports, etc. are all the same species. Sometimes portabello and crimini have price differences, but the only difference is size. If one is cheaper, they can be safely used to substitute for each other. Size only matters if you’re doing a specific stuffed/grilled item i.e. grilled portabello caps or stuffed appetizer sized mushrooms.


Looks so healthy and hearty. Made with love.