Mozilla has defeated Microsoft’s default browser protections in Windows

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TL:DR Firefox team found the One Click “set this browser as default” that Edge is using, for their browser. Normally, Only Edge had it, while anyone wanting to change their default, had to go through half a dozen clicks (not quite that many, but time consuming none the less) to do the same. > Mozilla has quietly made it easier to switch to Firefox on Windows recently. While Microsoft offers a method to switch default browsers on Windows 10, it’s more cumbersome than the simple one-click process to switch to Edge. This one-click process isn’t officially available for anyone other than Microsoft, and Mozilla appears to have grown tired of the situation. > In version 91 of Firefox, released on August 10th, Mozilla has reverse engineered the way Microsoft sets Edge as default in Windows 10, and enabled Firefox to quickly make itself the default. Before this change, Firefox users would be sent to the Settings part of Windows 10 to then have to select Firefox as a default browser and ignore Microsoft’s plea to keep Edge.


> This circumvents Microsoft’s anti-hijacking protections that the company built into Windows 10 to ensure malware couldn’t hijack default apps that’s hilarious 🙂


Fuck edge, all my homies use Firefox


I’m so sick of Microsoft pulling this crap. I wish Linux were better for PC gaming so I could ditch Windows once and for all.


Hell yes suck it widows.