My neighborhood has 1,200 homes in it, and someone in the neighborhood sent everyone a letter about believing in God.

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Dear Sal, I am a human being like everyone else, we are all one species, each with a uniquely human perception of existence. Humans like you are causing division by insisting your experience of existence is the only acceptable way to exist. Please stop inciting division and become a more tolerant accepting human so we all may live together in peace.


“Dear Sal; There is no god and you are wasting your time and money chasing a fantasy that you will go to a Disney park after you die, while missing out on many of the natural wonders and pleasures of this life. Come on Sal, you know it’s true, now let’s get down to the business being authentic human beings.”


Wait you don’t see it from the mormons? They support their young adults missions to go and offer help and talk about their faith door to door, that is way more in depth than signs or letters.


Dear Sal, It’s “tract” not “track”. Your neighbor xxxx


That is not only a waste of money but that is so harmful to the trees. You just killed my thoughts on homework being harmful to the trees.