NC Gov. Cooper vetoes anti-Critical Race Theory bill he calls ‘conspiracy-laden politics’

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>In an emailed statement, Cooper said: “The legislature should be focused on supporting teachers, helping students recover lost learning, and investing in our public schools. Instead, this bill pushes calculated, conspiracy-laden politics into public education.” Now why would the party of insurrectionists want to push distractions, instead of helpful policies? Just makes no sense


The only bills I ever see republicans pass help no one. anti transgender bills help no one . anti mask bills help no one, anti critical race help no one, Anti immigration bills help no one. voter suppression bills help no one . anti choice bills help no one . Add this to the fact that when they go to court it is usually to allow people to discriminate or allow their gerrymandering . The only people that benefit from the GOP are the wealthy. Stop voting for them. Time to get out and vote is now . If we want to stop this threat it will not be quick or easy. Start voting in ALL local state and federal elections and primaries every year. This is an off year and I have had three chances to vote this year already and will do so again in November. Remember who is trying to end democracy and vote accordingly. This will not be fixed in one or two years or even in 10. We must take village, county, city and state governments as well as the federal government. We must continue voting every chance we get and raise the next generation to do the same.


Vote more dems at statewide and local elections too. It helps.


Literally nobody is teaching it. What a manufactured crisis it is


I highly recommend everyone read the actual language in these Anti-CRT bills. It starts off with ‘it shall be illegal to teach the superiority of one race or gender’ which sounds okay on its face, then degrades pretty quickly to ‘it shall be illegal to teach that the founding of the US was anything but a triumph of ideals in creating a new nation’ which is some North Korea shit. I did some sniffing because this CRT kerfuffle kicked off last year from seemingly nowhere. CRT itself came about 40 years ago when the only black professor at a law school left his job *due to discrimination*, which left the only class on interaction of race and law without a teacher. The school’s response to students’ concerns was decidedly frosty, so the student response was to enlist academics to fill the void. Hence, CRT. With all the publicized videos of violence against black Americans last year, people on both sides were getting agitated and vocal. A guy at a libertarian think-tank, Christopher Rufo, wrote about how governmental agencies and companies were doing ‘diversity training’ which prompted a bunch of ‘whistleblowers’ to contact him. He emphasized all the parts critical of white privilege and framed them as antagonistic, which made a convenient foible out of George Floyd’s death and all the enthusiastic protests around it. It blew tf up after Rufo was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, which then-President Trump naturally saw and *prompted him to contact Rufo*. Less than a month later, Trump signed the first anti-CRT bill that forbade all federal agencies from participating in such a theory. It was legally challenged immediately, but by then all the conservative line toe-ers were hopping on the bandwagon, trying to outlaw ‘anti-white racism’. You will be hard-pressed to find a conservative who can articulate the actual ideas explored in CRT.