New York to ban sale of all gas-powered vehicles in the state by 2035

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I still wonder how they are going to deal with EV charger congestion. In big cities where people have street parking only they have to use public chargers. If everyone has an EV, and it takes 20mins to charge, there has to be a **massive** increase in the number of available charging stations, like take all the current gas stations in the us and 2x it. Just image rush hour and people needing to charge up having to wait an hour just to get to use a charger.


Good luck setting up an entire infrastructure of chargers in NYC.


New York has zero infrastructure to support this, and they aren’t alone. You can’t even drive across the state without needing to charge. I’m supposed to stop at a rest stop for hours to charge my car? Want to do a long road trip? Good luck… they need to get the range up by 2-3x before EV-only is feasible.


This seems like feel good legislation for 2021 that will be pushed back to 2040 come 2033.


Just read the article: this is banning the sale of all “new” gas vehicles by 2035. Used sales will still be legal, which I was curious about, because that would’ve actually been a more dramatic (and possibly unconstitutional) policy.