Norway opens up two new offshore areas for carbon capture and storage

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Well, wouldnt it be easier to NOT extract more oil instead of doing very inefficient stuff like this?


I read somewhere that oil in the seabed is a pretty good way to store carbon. But now when I’m thinking about it, how would you raise money for your big environmental projects to capture oil if you don’t sell it first. And if you don’t extract and sell it there’s no need to capture it. And if there’s no carbon to capture then there’s no way to pretend to be a climate hero? Never mind, I’m tired of this shit.


This is great, people are talking about the rise of china but I think the Nordic countries will one day become the super powers of the world.


Sadly carbon capture tech requires a ton of energy to achieve, basically resulting in a new power plant being built just to create one system. A power plant that still puts out greenhouse gases. It’s a catch 22.