Ohio mom pleads guilty in execution-style killings of 8 members of a family

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“The Wagners used guns with homemade silencers, allowing them to kill their victims as they slept, according to the prosecutors. Angela Wagner was fully aware of the plans and bought several items used to carry out the killings, including “phone jammers” that would have prevented the victims from calling for help, Canepa said.” As evil as evil gets. RIP to the victims.


All this over a fucking custody dispute.


“…but, if we kill them, then the agency has to see just how dedicated we are to becoming a family.”


Well, they’re not going to get custody now. Should have thought about that during the months they were planning on executing an entire family.


“Her husband and their two adult sons also were charged in the 2016 slayings of seven adults and a teenage boy from the Rhoden family.” So everyone is the family is a murderhobo. What the hell happened in there ?